Age related Expectation grids

At our recent assessment morning, we were able to look at and discuss in detail the descriptors from the KS2 Programme of Study and break them down in to age related expectations.

Some statements lent themselves to all year groups ( with the appropriate level of challenge/maturity), whilst others were felt to be more appropriate at later stages in learning.

I have collated the information and attached them for reference.

Statement or segment from Programme of Study by Yr Grp  Statements across Key Stage List

Age related Expectation – Overview grid by Yr Group



ITT Sussex – Friday 11th November



primary-mfl-day-11-nov – agenda

primary-modern-languages-overview-nov-2016 – introductory session

primary-phonics – Phonic ideas

r-language-trends-2016 – Language Trends survey

lautomne-arrive – still and gap fill

story-1  – Story files of ‘l’agneau’ book




yr3-colours-sounds lesson

yr6 lesson

mind-the-gap – cross-curricular working ppt – glossary of terms for SPaG/literacy


Sue Cave Phonics

Rachel Hawkes – phonics and so much more 




CPD 21st October


Many thanks to all who attended so enthusiastically today. Apologies for the change of programme, but I hope everyone still had a productive and thought provoking today

Here are the materials associated with the day:

Crafty kinaestethic = ppt with craft ideas


Click here to link to other ideas for crafts


Links to Schemes for use


Documents referred to:

End of KS2 cla French

End of KS2 cla Westdene Spanish


CfBT 1_Language Trends_ Most recent Language Trends survey


Brighton University – 20th April

It was lovely to meet all of the wonderfully enthusiastic students today -thanks for all your participation and feedback.

Below are links to the resources discussed today :



Brenden is Teaching

les animaux domestiques pupil.ppt

lesson plan

Wishing you all much success in your course and careers and hope to see you again – you are welcome to get in touch if you want to see more at Westdene.

ALL Network meeting Tues 10th March

Here is the presentation from last night regarding supporting SEN and extending more able kids.  It’s very brief and most of the materials are web based.  Links should all be within the PPT.

Ideas for supporting and extending in MFL

We also had a play around with the Ipads and Kahoot! which is a great online tool for instant feedback. – have a play around with it here.

Thanks to all those who attended for their contributions.