PL Network Meeting – 3rd December

A really useful sharing of ideas and dialogue today at Westdene, here are the links to the materials shared as promised:

Songs & Video

Bonjour, Bonjour! – alain le lait (French greetings) – YouTube_0 (Low) copy

BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNEE 2013 – Les Enfantastiques chorale d enfants (Low)

Bonne et heureuse année lyrics

Entre le bœuf et l âne gris (HD)

French tidy up song – Rangeons la salle de classe (Low)

Jean Petit qui danse – French and English subtitles.mp4 (Low) copy

Jingle Bilingual Une Patate – French (Low)

The twelve days of Christmas – Les douze jours de Noël – BABELZONE (Low) Vive le vent – French christmas song – Babelzone – LCF Clubs (Low)

Y EN A ASSEZ POUR TOUT LE MONDE – Les Enfantastiques – Une chorale d enfants qui manifeste (Low)

Je suis une pizza!

Pigloo – Moi j’aime skier – ( paroles ) YourKidTV



Le Petit Poisson Blanc – ISBN : 2-87142-546-9 – Fish Book for colours

Dictionary Game

Looking up random words in the dictionary, the first child to find the correct word is the winner.

Numbers – doing mental maths in class in the TL in teams.


Using body parts to talk about Pharaohs and the Gods

Take 10 – Warm up and songs

I will send out a date for the next meet up after the Christmas break, and hopefully we can arrange further sessions regarding assessment, a bit of planning for progression and more shared ideas.

Best wishes for a festive end of term.


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