Cross-Curricular working and ideas


The X Factor  presentation about cross-curricular project for Music/MFL

Professeurphifix – Great website for authentic materials in a variety of subject areas and also grammar and phonics work in French

Secondary History Projects – from BBC with materials ripe to be adapted – castles, slave trade and the Armada!

World War 1 letters and biographies. – a moving website with lots of authentic writing to exploit – film about residents in a small french town who set out to eradicate agro-chemical treated foods from their childrens school.

exploring_gd_mfl – ideas for exploring the global dimension for MFL in ways which links with other curriculum areas.

historyproject – Resources about Spanish Armada.

educ_president – Great TL worksheet on Presidentialism for use in sociology or citizenship

histoire_colomb – History worksheet on Christopher Columbus

Racisme – Interesting series of work in French about identity and race/racism.

Arc De Triomph student sheet  for use with DT

Did you know? Language facts – Language Facts from all over the world in a ppt display

Reading Strategies Poster – Display for Reading skills, easily translatable and usable across the school.  With thanks to Chestnut Grove School, Wandsworth.  – Perspectives on life around the world – Science cross curricular ideas and lesson outlines adapted for use with MFL


The following materials formed part of a recent cross-curricular conference for the Canterbury University ITT/GTP course and puts together lots of examples and ideas from a variety of subject areas.

soundbite tongue – Sound clip for Tongue Lesson

lesson-plan-tongue-1 – Lesson Plan – with thanks to Andrea Simpson, Lead Practitioner.

cinq_sens_animaux – PDF worksheet about Senses

History Castles project


Older resources


Canterbury ITT, March 10th, 2011 – Cross Curricular working

Session 1 Intercessional review

Mind the Gap session 2

Mind the Gap session 3




The QCDA National Curriculum website (  has a great tool where you can reference strands of two curriculum areas to see how they inter-relate.  Call up the  programof study for your MFL, then click on the tab ‘MFL in context’ to cross reference the strands with other areas and Key stages.  Really useful when planning cross-curricular work!


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