Lesson Materials

General lesson resources

writing-task_sheets – Primary Resource to support writing: highly adaptable.

el-cortes-ingles-lesson-spanish – thinking skills lesson about shopping

story_mountain1 – adaptable primary story writing resource

sound_islands1 – adaptable primary sound/phoneme practice resource

jai_du_chocolat-phoneme-poem – poem for sound work

bizoo_deskimo_-_for_spotting_rhymes1 – sound poem from Pigloo (see Web based links for Pigloo Lyrics website)

24_hr_time_loop_cards French – time practice activity adapted from a primary resource

games-for-language-learning-fr-gn-sp – games ideas, from MFL resources website

brainstorm-grid –  adaptable vocabulary building activity

http://tes.iboard.co.uk/player/frameset.htm?id=32413 – interactive storyboard for Goldilocks

http://tes.iboard.co.uk/player/frameset.htm?id=generic/.sG5jl3sa2CY4uf1OH2WZpj – interactive storyboard for The Gingerbread man


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