General Resources

Maman je t’aime – Henri Des song 

template for exploiting a text

The new requirement puts modern foreign language on the same footing as other foundation subjects and therefore will be inspected in the same way

worldminibooks – a great project for producing literature in the TL  – with video explanations

Greetings triangles – novel language task from KS2 which could be adapted for KS3

vocabulary-learning-developing – crib sheets of  ideas and Techniques for Vocabulary Learning

String Eiffel Tower – fun from – the website has more.

Arc de Triomph student worksheet – Worksheet to construct Arc de Triomph. Not for the fainthearted!

_24_hr_time_loop_cards french – Time activity adapted from TES primary resource.

Follow me colours  – Adapted from KS2 resource.

brainstorm-grid – Vocabulary prompt grid idea which can be used for group or individual assessment, incorporating PLTS skills  Each row of vocabulary can then be turned into a fully expanded piece of writing using given language structures.  Easily adapted and great use!

alphabet-with-sound – Alphabet with soundbites slides in French

tongue-twisters – ppt presentation







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